Solar Site Assessment

We'll evaluate your site and provide a detailed report outlining the projected energy harvest in kilo-watt hours as well as dollars.


Feed in Tariff (FIT)

This Ontario provincial program administered by the IESO is no longer offering renewable energy contracts.


Net Metering

With net mtering wiring connections, the hydro meter can 'spin backwards' when the renewable energy system is generating.  In this arrangement the consumer/generator's energy produced is directly subtracted from the energy used by the facility.  If monthly generation exceeds the facilities monthly loads, a credit is issued for the power at market rates.

Grid-tied renewable energy systems are connected to the local utility grid.  The advantage of this connection is that batteries are not required as the grid acts as an electrical 'storage' medium.  The renewable energy is metered as it is fed into the grid or drawn from the grid in periods of low power generation.  This connection to the utility allows for different types of commercial arrangements such as net metering programs.