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Grid-Tie Solar

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Grid Tie

Ontario's Net-Metering program has enabled individual users to generate renewable energy to offset their electrical loads.  We'll help you every step of the way.

Reliable solar technology is finding new applications in remote monitoring stations, security, telecommunication and lighting applications.  Our experience will ensure a successful application. 

Off Grid
Commercial & industrial

Off-grid systems must be sized properly to ensure the system meets the needs of the user.  Our systems are each tailored to the individual customer's lifestyle.

Systems by topic

Renewable Energy Technology has

come a long way from the first small 12V photovoltaic battery based systems decades ago.  The technology is more robust, reliable and easier to troubleshoot.  The cost of the systems are also significantly lower as more people embrace the technology.  Each of the components need to be properly selected and sized to meet the demand placed on it.  Let us help ensure that your system is designed and installed properly and exceeds all of your expectations.

Professionally Designed & Installed  Systems

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Reliable Engineered Systems

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Off-Grid System Specialists

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