Off-grid battery based renewable energy systems allow remote users to enjoy the conveniences of modern life without creating a large carbon foot print.  We'll design, install and commission an offgrid power generating system tailored to your needs. In most cases offgrid power systems can be more cost effective than installing a few hydro poles to connect new homes or cottages to the electric utility.  


While generators do have their place in most offgrid systems in a standby role, the technology used today can significantly reduce or eliminate their requirement altogether.

- Solar Modules

- Charge Controller

- Batteries

- Inverter

- Electrical distrubution & overcurrent protection

Offgrid System Components

- Fuel costs continually rising

- Transportation of fuel to site

- Constant drone of a running generator

- Having to shut off your generator before bed

equipment specification and design

The sizing calculations determine the size of the equipment required.  We'll design your system to meet your needs.  We provide a thorough quotation and equipment supply data sheets for your review. 

Sizing calculations

The watts-hour/day requirements determined in the load study are entered into our energy calculation algorithm.  Various constants and variables are entered along with the customer's technology preference, site shading characteristics, seasonal usage profile and desired autonomy period. 

Load study

Each customer is different.  We meet to discuss the system requirements before any equipment is purchased.  A load study is undertaken to understand the size and duration of the electrical loads.  All of the site loads are evaluated and documented.

Design steps


Recent changes to the Ontario Electrical Code require rapid system shutdown of solar based equipment.  We'll design and install the appropriate solution to meet this requirement.

Rapid Shutdown Requirements

Tired of Your Generator Yet?

system installation & commissioning

We'll take care of everything or allow you to assist in the installation. Our systems are professionally installed and we take pride in our work.  Our systems are fully ESA inspected and we'll thoroughly go over your system with you.